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17 November 2009

Polskie bezpieczeństwo energetyczne

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The editorial staff of asked experts whether the European Union’s agreement with Russia in the matter of early warnings about problems with natural […]

10 May 2009

Jak lansują się politycy

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The four (undone) buttons of Wojciech Olejniczak’s shirt in his photo placed on the cover of the weekly Wprost have shocked Polish public opinion. […]

8 May 2009

Zawartość lukru w cukrze

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A series of three articles devoted to Starbucks coffee shops appeared in Dziennik’s Społeczeństwo [Society] section two weeks ago. The phenomenon of this extraordinary […]

4 April 2009

Rajd Prezydenta

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“Poles outside large urban areas have much higher regard for direct contact than apartment bloc dwellers do. That’s why, from the standpoint of political […]

6 February 2009

Bez dziennikarzy i PR-owców

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At the 11th session of the Dialog PR series, organized by PRoto and the portal with the support of the Institute of Media […]

24 November 2008


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Komentarz do ankiety – autorstwa Mirosława Obarskiego dotyczy w sumie dwóch uzupełniających się ankiet na temat relacji pomiędzy dziennikarzami i pracownikami branży public […]