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1 October 2013

PR consultants z LibreDocs

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Agencja PR consultants jest odpowiedzialna za wprowadzenie na rynek LibreDocs, kompleksowego rozwiązania on-line, które pozwala na szybkie i samodzielne tworzenie profesjonalnej dokumentacji biznesowej. Do […]

27 May 2013

PR consultants o PR w służbie architektury

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„Regardless of a country, architecture is bought with your eyes. Therefore graphics, visuals, movies or animations – joined with good project photography – are […]

6 February 2013

PR consultants poprowadzi łódzki Diamond Business Park

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PR consultants will provide media relations and marketing communications support for business-technological-logictics park Diamond Business Park in Łódź. PR consultants tasks include industry media […]

14 December 2012

PR consultants obsługuje Żerań Park

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PR consultants will provide support of marketing communication and media relations for a modern logistics park Żerań Park I. The property, owned by Heitman […]

29 November 2012

PR consultants rozpoczęło współpracę z Nordis

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PR consultants is handling relations with media and business partners of Nordis – frozen food manufacturer and distributor. The company’s strong position on Polish […]

21 March 2012

PR consultants rozpoczęło współpracę z Popler

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PR consultants established cooperation with Popler – supplier of innovative solutions in the area of wireless video transmission on Internet. Agency’s task is to […]

7 December 2011

Wizerunkowa pomyłka roku

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Promotion of Warsaw is a difficult task, there’s no doubt about that. Both lack and excess of imagination can be very dangerous in this […]

21 July 2011

Kto skorzysta na nowych przepisach?

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TVN24 broadcasted the “Polska i Świat” program about the provisions of Electoral Code which ban election committees from broadcasting paid advertising spots on television. […]

6 April 2011

I zniechęcanie ma sens

6 April 2011, Komentarze: 0 cited a conversation that appeared in Superstacja between Karolina Kawska and image specialist Mirosław Obarski about the election campaign to the European Parliament. Obarski noted that an effect […]

29 January 2010

Jak cię widzą, tak głosują?

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Following Superstacja’s report, reported that regardless of the program and the political option, the voters will most likely vote for the presidential candidate whom they perceive to […]