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25 February 2009
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logo_protoKupFranki.pl proves that 2009 will be the year of social networking – wrote Mirosław Obarski. New technologies easily integrate people around ideas and encourage… action. Is fundamental change at hand?

Not only is it about gigantic sums – 134.9 billion złotys in Swiss franc-denominated loans – but it also affects thousands of Poles. Borrowers squeezed by the rising costs of repaying these loans have decided to take matters into their own hands. The first to rise up have been mBank and Multibank customers. For some time they have been protesting on the website Mstop.pl and the forum Nabiciwmbank.pl. But all such sites have been eclipsed by Franek_Kolasa and his social networking website KupFranki.pl.
Franek_Kolasa (the nick of a 31-year-old economist from Poznań), instead of protesting, presents a solution for reducing the costs of loans in franks – for details, see KupFranki.pl. In setting up his site, Kolasa used a solution called mixxt, which PR people should take a closer look at with nothing less than respect. In a nutshell, it’s a kind of Facebook that can be established essentially by anyone who has no particularly advanced knowledge about the Internet. This tool is easy to use. It can be administered by one person, even when the network links several thousand users, as in the case of KupFranki.pl.

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